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The three UN Youth Ambassadors for Climate Change Learning will be striking this Friday and will be available for interviews.

Three British children are the creators of a groundbreaking Climate Change Programme in partnership with the United Nations Climate Change Team (UN CC: Learn – UNITAR) and they unveiled their programme at #COP24 Katowice Poland in December 2018.

A Not For Profit Organisation that was set up by a UK County Council (Yorkshire County Council) are sponsoring the trial of the Climate Change Teacher Course in 80 UK Schools, this March, as they want EVERY school to have one UN Accredited Climate Change Lead.

The UN CC: Learn Educate Programme will deliver lessons (based on the school curriculum but built around Climate Change Learning) directly to ALL children in EVERY school throughout the United Kingdom.

We can arrange for the three children presenting this groundbreaking Climate Change Programme for children and students to be available for interviews as they too are joining in the school strike to raise awareness about Climate Change.

Contact: Melanie Harwood – 07595 099 144

Included below is more info on the project:


Live Press Conference Launching the Programme at #COP24:

Angus Mackay of UNITAR outlining the Programme at #COP24:

The Peer-to-Peer Presenters of the UN:CC Learn Educate Programme – Phoebe de Vorms (15), Hannah-Jane Kenton (11) and Tyler Howell (8)

The three Climate Change Peer-to-Peer Presenters:

The 100,000 Postcards Challenge:

Shrinking Swiss Glacier plays Host to World’s Largest Postcard, BBC News:


A 5 year old child teaching children aged 4 to 6 years how to write – an example of powerful peer-to-peer instructional education