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PRforYourSchool Programme

PRforYourSchool Programme:

Created by Peter Ibbetson, Melanie Harwood and Jonathan Harwood – Exclusively available from Harwood Education

Building media communication skills in schools from Pupils to Headteachers, to Teachers, to Governors and even the PTA, through “PRforyourschool”.

PRforyourschool is about two critical things in our brave new word of ubiquitous communication: Public = Our Community near and far. Relations = Friends, Family, Parents, Teachers, Trust, Understanding, Confidence. That’s real PR or, it may be better to say, RP = Relationships with our Publics!

PRforyourschool helps to build the skills that will enable all levels within schools to communicate effectively in the world of the media and is a prerequisite of a 21st century education.

The “PRforyourschool” Programme is a full service package that provides individual e-learning components for pupils, teachers and PTAs, Headteachers and governors, but also builds in a live intra-school PR platform for pupils to use interactively, creates a live school ‘News Room’, and also provides an extensive, live, intuitive online PR platform for senior members of the school to engage professionally with the external media.

The programme is aimed at both equipping all those involved in the e-learning with the necessary skills, and also providing the real life tools to put them into practice in a very practical way to bring true value to the school’s internal and external profile.

The Pupil Component

The e-learning programme for Pupils covers:

  • Learning about the different types of media: social and traditional
  • Learning about the responsible use of media. Real news over fake news; Safe use of Social Media; Effective engagement with Traditional Media
  • Learning the value of good media coverage
  • Learning how to recognise good news stories
  • Learning how to present good news stories through press releases
  • Post news stories to the‘School News Room’
  • The programme is supported by a real life on-line Pupil PR Platform for pupils to customise and use which feeds news releases directly to the ‘School News Room’

The integrity of the ‘News Room’ is ensured by the inclusion of responsible filters, has the functionality for teacher intervention prior to publishing, and is close looped for individual schools to ensure no inappropriate outside distribution.

Pupils are encouraged to use their PR platform not just in lesson time, but as an ongoing tool for them to post their own, and class news, meaning that their communication skills are being continually developed in a functional and enjoyable way.

The Teacher Component

The e-learning programme for Teachers and PTAs covers:

  • Learning how to create PR for promoting the school events, news and successes
  • Learning how to craft compelling press releases
  • Learning effective ways of winning positive PR both for the school and the pupils
  • Learning how to get the timing and content right
  • Learning how to talk to the friendly media
  • The teacher with overall responsibility for ensuring all posts by pupils to the ‘School news Room’ are correct and appropriate maintains the ‘release’ control.

The programme is also supported by a full service, School Branded External PR Platform that engages with the external media in exactly the same way that a business would engage with the media through a PR Agency. This provides full press release functions, enables dedicated media lists to be created, has a weekly calendar of forthcoming events and news, creates a dedicated news room for the externally facing school website, and can be used to respond to journalists seeking comment for their articles.

News releases posted on the ‘School News Room’ can be distributed to the external media through this platform if considered newsworthy and appropriate.

Protocol options are built in to enable second sign off capabilities.

The School Branded PR Platform is continually available for the school’s ongoing PR activity.

The Headteacher Component

The e-learning programme for Headteachers and School Governors covers:

  • Learning the skills necessary to protect the school and students when something has gone wrong
  • Learning how to respond to the media in the event of a crisis
  • Learning how to control an interview and land the right messages
  • Learning how to use the media to preserve the reputation of the school
  • Both the ‘School News Room’ Platform and the ‘School Branded PR Platform’ are of course both open for the use by the Headteacher.

Pricing Model

The Programme, by definition, is a composite package and is priced at £1000 (plus VAT) on an annual basis.

This includes:

  • The provision of licensed use of the e-course material
  • The provision of the closed loop Pupil PR Platform
  • The Provision of the externally facing School PR Platform
  • There is an additional year 1 set up fee of £500 (plus VAT)