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Coding Specialist Teacher eCourse

The course is broken in to three units of 3 hours. Each unit is broken in to modules.

Lesson plans will be included for each module
Recommend websites and books for further reading will be supplied for each unit
Mixture of Powerpoint/Prezi and videos of children and teacher
End of unit revision questions

Unit 1: Background learning (3 hours)

  • Programming concepts
  • Computational concepts
  • Understanding networks and systems
  • Digital literacy
  • Cross-curricular links

Unit 2: Teaching EYFS and KS1 (3 hours)

  • Role play activities
  • Using Lets Go Code Activity Set
  • Using Botley the Coding Robot
  • Scratch Junior (free iPad App)

Unit 3: Teaching KS2 (3 hours)

  • Crumble Playground
  • Microbit Starter Kit
  • Binary Bot – Meet Dimm
  • Lego WeDo 2.0
  • Scratch (free)
  • Kodu (free resource)