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About Harwood Education

Harwood Education,delivers innovative and outstanding education Resources, Programmes, Training and Learning Schemes to the entirety of the education sector as well as direct to the home learning sector.

It was created by Melanie Harwood – Education Specialist and creator of the Start-Bee Handwriting Scheme, Denise Meissner – Occupational Therapist and Autism Specialist and creator of the CrossLinks Programme, Jonathan Harwood – World Renowned Cameraman, Educational Filmmaker and Education Entrepreneur.

It serves the worldwide education sector, and represents educational creatives and “education disruptors” worldwide, including manufacturers and distributors of equipment, materials, books, consumables, furniture, technology, ICT hardware and EdTech to the education market.

Harwood Education offers unparalleled Resources, Programmes, Training and Schemes, servicing the Education Sector and Home Schooling Sector, both the UK and International markets.

Harwood Education is focused on promoting its joint venture partners, licensees, programmes, training, resources and schemes to the education industry, schools as well as delivering these directly to parents/learners.

We are committed to ensuring our joint venture partners, licensees, programmes, training, resources and schemes find strong channels to market. Harwood Education curates, develops, co-develops/co-creates, sources and monetises the very best Resources, Programmes, Training and Schemes that deliver proof of raised attainment.

Harwood Education’s founders, Melanie Harwood and Jonathan Harwood, created, founded and launched the Start-Bee Handwriting Scheme for Schools in 2005 and this is now exclusively licensed to YPO in the UK. They plan to launch the Start-Bee Platform for Schools to worldwide markets in 2019. The three founders created the GiveForward Sponsorship Platform for Schools in 2018 – a Not For Profit Organisation committed to raising sponsorship of curated bulk school packages for all participating schools throughout the UK. They plan to scale the GiveForward Platform to schools worldwide.

Working closely with the very best Education Suppliers, EdTech Creatives/Founders, Education Developers, Headteacher/Teacher Programme/Product Creators and Education Content Designers, Harwood Education is committed to delivering and promoting the Resources, Programmes, Training and Schemes licensed to it, developed as joint ventures and those owned by it, to a wide range of important UK, European and export markets, from the US to Malaysia and China, providing innovative and outstanding British Education Products, Programmes, Resources, Training and Schemes to the world.

Harwood Education follows a stringent joint venture and licensing process, both of which assure schools of a high standard of quality in both product and customer service. Schools and parents know that Harwood Education Resources, Programmes, Training and Schemes can be trusted to deliver raised academic attainment.

About the Founders

Melanie Harwood
Education Specialist

Melanie Harwood is an Education Specialist. She created the Start-Bee Handwriting Scheme for Primary Schools in 2010. An EdTech, “plug-and-play” Handwriting Scheme with lessons streamed directly into classrooms throughout the UK and beyond. All lessons are delivered by a child to children.

Melanie Harwood created, trialled, developed and delivered her proven Handwriting Match Fit Assessment, to ensure teachers can easily assess their pupils’ handwriting, in under 40 minutes, and the Hard Data it presents is used by Headteachers and Literacy Leads to plan their School Wide Handwriting Strategy each year.

She has created the Handwriting Specialist Teacher eCourse with Mrs Fiona Cowan, Headteacher, to ensure that her knowledge and specialism is spread and shared with every Literacy Lead throughout the world.

Melanie Harwood, Jonathan Harwood, Fiona Cowan and Denise Meissner devised the Mini-Bees Programme for Pre-School Pupils and Early Years/Primary School Learners, to develop Fine and Gross Motor Skills as well as Core Stamina, to ensure that children are physically able to participate confidently in entry level education alongside their peers. Melanie felt that this was the “missing piece of the puzzle” and is proud to launch this innovative and exciting developmental programme to pre-schools, primary schools, directly to parents and Occupational Therapists.

Melanie Harwood is launching the Give4Ward “Page” in 2018 – created so that each participating school can easily raise sponsorship of £40,000 to £100,000 per year for the Resources/Programmes/Products/Schemes/Training the school needs, without the school paying a penny for any of it! Working with suppliers, Programme Creators and Innovators to ensure each and every school becomes an Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship Hub.

In her mission to prepare teachers to become certified by the United Nations, Melanie Harwood established the not-for-profit organisation, eduCCate Global. Since its United Kingdom launch on 22 April 2019, eduCCate Global has helped place teachers with UN certification into more than 329,000 schools in 40 countries. Melanie and here team were also invited to attend COP25 Madrid to meet with Government Ministers and Leaders of Countries to discuss the delivery of eduCCate Global and its suite of tools which are delivering tangible and measurable results.

Jonathan Harwood
Creative & EdTech Media Specialist

Jonathan Harwood trained as a Broadcast Cameraman with the BBC in the 70’s and has worked on well-known TV programmes and documentaries in the UK and Abroad.

Jonathan has filmed the aftermath of Tsunamis, Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes and Floods throughout the world but is passionate about filming Motorsport. He loves Jaguar motorcars!

He has produced and conceptualised his own education productions relating to World War 2 and created a documentary about his family members and their town, Royston, during the war years. He was awarded the Televisual Newcomer Award for Historical Documentary Film Making.

Jonathan set up the new RED Filming Cameras Service Centre for UK and Europe in Pinewood Film Studios, on behalf of RED Cameras Inc. USA.

Jon is a talented and experienced freelance cameraman who has run his own TV/Video Production and Filming company for twenty years. He has set up and delivered many large scale film and TV shoots such as Supersize Earth, Shakespeare’s Tomb, Pub Dig and The History Channel’s Royal Armouries Series.

Jonathan advised and guided Melanie Harwood on the conceptualisation of the Start-Bee Handwriting Programmes for Schools. He directed and filmed all the lessons for EYFS (Beginners Aged 4 to 5); KS1 (Intervention and Intermediate Programmes Aged 5 to 9); KS2 (Intervention and Intermediate Programmes Aged 9 to 12); KS3 (SEN Beginners and Intermediate Programmes Aged 12 to 17). Jonathan edited all the Start-Bee Lessons – a total of 800 plus lessons – to their final broadcast standard finale.

Jonathan Harwood has directed, filmed and edited the Mini-Bees Fine and Gross Motor Skills and Core Stamina Programme for Pre-School and Early Years Children. He says that this programme has allowed him to be creative with not only the visual delivery of the lessons within it but the audio to complement each “message” to ensure the content is not only engaging but fun for the children learning along with it.

Jonathan’s quiet determination and focus have ensured the delivery of all the current Programmes and Products the Harwood Education Team have collaborated on are on target and to a broadcast TV standard.

Jonathan says that his greatest achievement has been the conceptualisation and co-creation of the specialist Education Streaming Platform which Harwood Education now uses to stream all its Programmes/Training/eCourses/Lessons and Information Broadcasts directly into subscribing schools via their interactive whiteboards.

He is currently planning and scripting the first phase of production of the United Nations: Climate Change Specialist Teacher eCourse and the United Nations:Climate Change Programme for Schools (Pre-School, Primary, Secondary and Further Education Outlets).

Denise Meissner
Occupational Therapist & Autism Specialist

Denise Meissner creates easy to use products and courses which give carers and educators of children with special education needs the support they need to build their resilience so they can cope with the extraordinary amount of friction that bombards them day in, day out. As an occupational therapist and mother of a son with autism, she offers carers and educators the QCharm Portable & Visual Cue System©, the Cross~Links Journey© and the Triple P Programme©. She is currently an American living in the UK because her husband enjoys working at universities and she enjoys living at the beach.

Head Teacher Lou Nelson,

Down Hall Primary School, Rayleigh, Essex, UK

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