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An invaluable study tool, Readalo is the ideal all-in-one companion to students and teachers who want to get their work done in a fraction of the time and with excellent results.


Description Paragraphs

We are an ambitious and fast-paced team, on a mission to create the best tools for lifelong learners who want to get their work done with excellent results, without spending all day working.


At Leapian, we research emerging technologies (machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality), learning methods ​& ​pedagogy. We ​develop softwares ​that ​incorporate ​this ​research. Readalo is the result of 2 years of R&D; a software that enables users to read documents, extract information, manage their notes and understand all of these using visualisation & analysis tools.


Readalo is unique because it incorporates established learning methodologies along with automation based on cutting edge technologies. Its tools are designed to help learners synthesise and organise knowledge in a way that allows them to produce better results in less time. Readalo is for lifelong learning, used from primary school students through to professionals and academic researchers. Readalo provides users with an enhanced learning environment, which encourages the adoption of skills including speed reading and memorisation techniques.


The way Readalo works is simple: you feed it web pages or pdf documents (books, papers, etc). You then read those documents, manually creating text, image and table extracts, which are fully referenced and their source recorded for rapid future access. You can draft essays, papers or knowledge maps in the bullet-point outliner. You drag and drop any of the extracts made previously into your outlines. Readalo’s internal search engine allows you to find what you are looking for, immediately getting you what you need. Finally, we are adding speed reading and memorisation tools so that you develop these skills as you work on your assignments/tasks.


At Leapian we frequently use Readalo to summarise 300+ page reports or books, in less than an afternoon, for internal knowledge work.


Bullet Lists of Benefits for Students & Teachers

Benefits for Students

Readalo becomes the student’s lifelong knowledge management system. With Readalo they:

  • learn how to read faster
  • create a collection of pieces of information that come from different sources
  • can quickly organise their thoughts and knowledge, thus making sense of a large set of information
  • are able to create outlines of topics or essays, combining these into complex knowledge maps
  • load their outlines into mind maps, making it quick for them to learn new information
  • produce excellently researched and structured essays or coursework in a fraction of the time, ensuring accurate referencing and minimal risk of accidental plagiarism


With the use of internal analytics we can produce statistics on how Readalo is used to help refine students’ methods of study.


Benefits for Teachers

With Readalo, teachers can:

  • teach students how to find information and evaluate the validity of sources, by being able to trace the original source of students’ extracts
  • help students better structure their thoughts by reviewing the outlines they generate, even before they start writing their first draft
  • use Readalo for their personal reading, lesson planning and drafting lesson material
  • teach students about speed reading, monitoring their progress over time
  • monitor the amount of reading and research that goes into preparing an essay or piece of coursework